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Myth about job search.

It’s a myth that recruiters work for candidates.

We work for employers who pay our bills. So there is no need for candidates to pay any kind of registration fee or hidden charges.

Yesterday, one candidate described me an incident where he got a call from a recruitment consultancy to visit them for a Job Opening that matches his forte , when he visited them , he was asked to pay 2000 INR for registration.

I was shocked to hear that!

From where and why has this registration fee come in the picture?

Dear Candidates,

Listen carefully,

“If you are approaching any recruiter for a job or vice versa. They can only help by recommending you to a matching job requirement available with them.

Recruiters are paid by employers for their services based on whether you’ve successfully started in a role. There should be no payment made from the candidate’s side.

Just google “how recruitment consultancies work”, this will give you a better picture.

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